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Bangalore Bakery Business Scenario

Bangalore bakery is a famous baked goods store with location in Bhawanipatna, Bhubaneswar, Sambalpur etc. The main goal of this bakery is to provide hygienic and fresh baked items to its end user with in a time period. It produces and sales flour based goods such as cakes, bread,cookies and pies. It also produces varieties of chocolates and various confectionery items. Their special cakes ranges from Rs-400 to Rs- 800 with variety of taste and flavor. They produces various design of cakes with attractive customize design facility for every special occasions such as marriage, anniversary, birthday, ring ceremony etc. Their specialty is the photo printed cakes with name on it. Customer can order their order via phone call or via e mail id too. They charged only Rs-150 in advance from total amount of order goods in cake only for advance design and packaging. They conduct various exhibition, social activity, marathon to keep young generation healthy and also marketing their products.

Project Goals

  1. To understand the common challenges that people face while trying to order something from a bakery in their busy life.
  2. To identify the difficult point from making an order to getting delivery
  3. To identify the experience of people while using any bakery items and providing them best value.

The Challenges

  1. Trying to solve the user problem regarding the complicated ordering process.
  2. Adding more option to simplify the user search and customize option so that they can choose their best.
  3. Researching the competitors and providing best solution for customize the cake and packaging facility.


I asked myself few questions before starting of the project. 

  1. Who are the primary user and what are their background?
  2. Why would someone want to use this application?
  3. What is my scope during entire project?
  4. Why user want to customize their cake?
  5. What would i get after interviewing participants?

My Responsibilities

As a team leader I have more responsibilities but such are,

  1. Conducting user research
  2. Interviewing the participants
  3.  Creating Paper wireframe and Digital wireframe with real time content.
  4. Sketching and organizing
  5. Prototyping and conducting usability study and conducting competitive audit.
  6.  Creating final design

User Research Summary

I conducted the primary user research by face to face interview and on the basis of that, I created empathy map, user journey and problem statement in order to understand what are the needs of the user, what are the challenges user facing while using any bakery application. primary user group was identified through my research was the user who had similarity in facing problem during the process of ordering. Other problems including lack of interests. the point where the user forced to quit from the application, challenging in getting order in a easy way, and the bad experience from cake design and the packaging facility.

Primary research questions

  1. Can you please describe your busy life schedule?
  2. How do you find sometime to order from a bakery?
  3. How do you see that, ordering any items from bakery out of your packed life?
  4. What are the main challenges do you ever faced during the entire process of ordering to getting the delivery?
  5. How do you feel ordering any items from bakery? and what are the feelings you get after getting delivery of your order?
  6. Is there any way, in which you feel these issue could be resolved? 

Usability study research questions

  1. Do you have a favorite bakery?
  2. Do you usually order for yourself or for others or for your family members??
  3. How many times in a month do your family order a cake from any bakery?
  4. How often do you choose a design for modifying your cake and packaging facility?
  5. How long is the overall ordering process you experienced?
  6. Is there any issue regarding selecting of cake design?
  7. Is there any issue regarding the selecting of packaging facility for your order?

Complete User Flow of Bangalore Bakery

Statement of Concern

Competitive Analysis

More product more rating
Paris Bakery 70%
Rajasthan Bakery 50%
Balaji Sweets 45%
Bhawani Bakery 40%
High rating High price
Paris Bakery 80%
Rajasthan Bakery 60%
Balaji Sweets 50%
Bhawani Bakery 55%
More business size more rating
Paris Bakery 90%
Rajasthan Bakery 70%
Balaji Sweets 60%
Bhawani Bakery 50%
First Impression
Paris Bakery 86%
Rajasthan Bakery 67%
Balaji Sweets 50%
Bhawani Bakery 72%
User Interaction
Paris Bakery 86%
Rajasthan Bakery 70%
Balaji Sweets 68%
Bhawani Bakery 83%
Visual Design
Paris Bakery 70%
Rajasthan Bakery 80%
Balaji Sweets 65%
Bhawani Bakery 85%
Content Management
Paris Bakery 60%
Rajasthan Bakery 80%
Balaji Sweets 74%
Bhawani Bakery 80%
Target Audience
Paris Bakery 40%
Rajasthan Bakery 68%
Balaji Sweets 76%
Bhawani Bakery 48%
Unique value proposition
Paris Bakery 73%
Rajasthan Bakery 65%
Balaji Sweets 50%
Bhawani Bakery 60%

Paper Wireframe

Before moving onto high fidelity wireframes and mockups, I wanted to get a feel for what the core of application would look like when put in front of me and user.

Digital Wireframe

To identify the real time user experience before conducting the original design with mocks it is necessary for me to transfer the paper wireframe into digital mode. Which gives me the real time feel about the application design and system design process.

Pattern identification template

  1. It was observed that 5 out of 6 participants felt frustrated about no preview screen after selecting the packaging facility. This means that the preview screen of packaging facility is most necessary to all the user.
  2. It was observed that 4 out of 6 participants had hard time knowing how to add extra items to the existing order. this means that for the most of the user it is not clear that how to add extra items to the existing order.
  3. It was observed that 4 out of 6 participants had difficult time to understand did the packaging facility is only for the designed cake or for all the items in the cart. This means  that most of the users not clear about the packaging facility.
  4. It was observed that 6 out of 6 participants felt very easy to find their favorite cake and uploading their own cake design. 

Insight identification template

  1.  based on the theme that, for most of the users feel frustrated as there is no preview screen available for selected packaging facility, an insight is, user need an preview screen to know what they choose before finalizing the packaging facility.
  2. Based on the theme that, for most of the user it is not clear how to add extra items to the existing order, an insight is, users need a clickable button to adding another items to the existing order.
  3. Based on the theme that, user get confused in packaging facility is only for the cake or for all the items in the cart, an insight is, there must be a clear description about the packaging facility before user can move through the packaging facility option.
  4. Based on the theme that, changing the delivery address made crucial for users, an insight is, there must be editing delivery address in all the screen of delivery process.

Screen Flow

Prototype and Mocks


Challenges I was faced and the way to overcome it

Challenge 1

Providing the simple and easy ordering process

Providing the retrieve location at starting in order to providing nearest Bangalore bakery to user so that they can get their order quickly. Simple and easy way with clear understandable text and color theme design, so that user can feel easy while ordering something. Step by step call to action with reliable and clear features to provide user with sufficient information about all the products.

Challenge 2

Adding sufficient option for user to choose their best

Giving the option for user to select customize cake design and packaging facility with an option weather user can want or not to design the packaging and cake design facility. Providing recent search screen in order to make user easily accessible to their history visit. There is also an option to getting delivery of order from physical store or home delivery mode.

Challenge 3

Providing solution for cake design and packaging facility

Adding of custom cake design facility, where an user can upload their own name and own image that can be print on his/her ordered cake. After that user have an option to select the suitable packaging facility from packaging menu and hence the order will deliver with their selected packaging facility.

Style Guide

Applying a soft and cool colors that fit the Bangalore Bakery’s branding. Dim pink help the uniform feel about a perfect thing paired with white and lime pink. It creates Balance in between the color theme of entire application. The main type face is “SF pro text” with two other supported text font such are “Verdana” and “Poppins”. I felt this typeface fit the application do to it’s extreme through both uppercase and lowercase styling.


From designing this application i learned that user experience is main priority every where during the ordering process and i learned about usability study and interaction design which is my favorite platform in overall design process. Bangalore bakery app really focus on user experience in order to provide them a happy smile after providing any kind of services.